Bert Stenning

Bert Stenning gave up art school in Lancaster when he joined the Royal Navy aged 17. But after 10 years on the waves – and a further 27 years in the police force – Bert returned to his first passion, painting.

“When I was a teenager I gave up the tuition and my job as a butcher’s boy to join the navy. I served on several ships which took me to various parts of the world including the Arctic regions and the Far East.”

His Art

As well as painting ships, Bert, of Preesall, enjoys painting trams and steam trains.

“I never lost the passion to paint but while working it was more difficult to exhibit. As a police officer I had to ask the Chief Constable’s permission to display my work. It was seen as a second income and trying to get approval was like being on trial.”

“I used to watch the trains go by and make quick sketches but I later mainly painted from photographs. Trams are extremely difficult because of the reflections bouncing off the glass – there is a lot of detailed work.”

After many years of painting ships and steam loco scenes Bert has now ventured into painting Lancashire scenes, almost all of them done in gouache and watercolour.

Examples of Bert's art are on the Gallery page. He holds a solo exhibition every couple of years and also has work at open exhibitions every year in Lancashire and Cumbria.

Please feel free to contact Bert for any further information.